Monday, June 23, 2014

Just Born Photo Shoot

I'm a little late, but last week I did my first photo shoot with Cooper in the same chair I did the twins' monthly pictures in.
It's so much easier to take pictures of just one baby! In fact, the whole baby thing is a TON easier when there is just one. Feeding is easier, soothing is easier, night time is easier. Granted, I'm still taking care of two toddlers so it's not like I'm a vacation or anything, but as far as the baby is a cake walk.
Cooper's first week home:
He sleeps a lot! I guess I just didn't feel like the twins slept this much because they never did it at the same time, so I always had a baby that was awake. But not this time...if he's asleep, I get a break! And sometimes even a nap if David is taking care of the twins.
He HATES having his diaper changed.
He HATES having his clothes changed.
He HATES getting a bath.
  I think he just hates to be naked period.
He's smiling!
He eats about every 3 hours during the day and night. It's pretty much like clockwork unless he didn't get a full feeding the last time because he fell asleep or if he has a dirty diaper.
He has gained a little bit more of his weight back since we've been home and the last time we were at the doctor he weighed 7 lbs 12 oz.
We've had one major issue so far...
Saturday, his eye started gooping up really bad and was getting matted shut with yellow discharge. I asked friends about it, I googled it, I tried to get in to see the doctor that day and after reading a lot about it, I decided I would wait one more day before I tried to find an Urgent Care with a pediatrician. Well, Sunday, it was worse. I asked a nurse friend about it and she eased my mind that it probably was what I thought it was...a clogged tear duct, which apparently is very common in newborns. She also told me that my doctor's office happened to be open that day so I called and got right in. It is indeed a clogged duct and it's infected. It's not too serious and this could be his only outbreak of it or it could happen again and again until it unclogs maybe around 1 year! I'm hoping this is a one time thing! I just have to keep cleaning it with a warm rag, massage the inside of his eye towards the top of his nose, and put the prescribed ointment on it 4 times a day. It's looking a lot better today.
  As far as Connor and Chloe go... They are doing fine and it seems like most of their every day lives have not changed. They don't seem jealous one bit and actually ask where he is if they see that I'm not holding him. Chloe does like to be right next to me a lot or sits with me when I'm feeding though, but I'm not sure if it's me or Cooper that she wants to be close to.
I think they have finally accepted that I can't do everything for them like I used to. We've told them that my belly hurts from the doctor taking the baby out and that I can't pick them up and I think they finally understand a little and have quit throwing fits when I tell them that I can't hold them. David has stepped up a lot with the twins and they have loved playing with him and they might even be turning into Daddy's babies. Daddy seems to be a lot more fun than mommy right now. But at the end of the night, they still want mommy to read to them and take them to bed.
They seem to have grown up a lot in the last week too. They've become more independent and love to "help" us and each other. They are talking a lot more, especially Connor. And most of the time, it seems like they are closer with each other since we've brought Cooper home. For the most part, they've played together a lot and are always looking for each other. They do still fight, usually when one is trying to boss the other, but it's nice to see them be sweet to each other too.
Both kids have been around me when I've fed Cooper and I'm pretty sure they're going to go to school and talk about my boobs.

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  1. My daughter had a blocked tear duct in her first week of life. We did the massage of the duct anytime we thought she might be getting another one and it worked like a charm.