Thursday, June 5, 2014

Soccer Mom

I used to be a soccer girlfriend, then I became a soccer wife and quit going to games because I had things to do on the weekends like laundry, cleaning house and getting groceries. And now...I'm a soccer mom!
We took Connor and Chloe to a free introductory soccer session our new local indoor facility just started for ages 2-5 and they loved it. It was a little chaotic because there were so many kids there trying it out. But the twins did great and I was a proud momma watching how well they behaved and listened to the coach and followed his instructions.
David had to be out there with them because with the 2 year olds, the parents are encouraged to help out with showing their kids what the instructor wants them to do. It's kind like the mommy and me dance class that Chloe and I did, but this time, it's Daddy and me (for us anyway since I'm giving birth in a week!).
And I just know that David has looked forward to this day since they were born. He has played his whole life and he lights up when they show an interest in it.
We went back and forth all night trying to decide if we should sign them up or not. It's not cheap, especially for 2, and it's every Saturday morning for 8 weeks of the summer. So that's a little hard to commit to but you don't want to miss any if you're paying that much.
There's also the fact that I'm having a baby next week! Yeah, that little thing.
But then we would talk about how much they liked it and they talked about playing soccer all night and the next day and they keep saying "do it again".
So, we decided to just go ahead and sign them up and see how it goes. If we have to miss for whatever reason, that's fine. But we're going to try to make most of them and it's just an hour very first thing in the morning, so we get it over with and still have the whole day to do whatever. It starts this Saturday and we're so excited.
It's not actual games but more like soccer practice with drills each week. 
They were so funny. I was sitting on the edge of the field and when the coach would tell them that it was time for a water break, they would run over to me to get their water, out of breath, gulp down some water and then say "I go play soccer now" and run off.

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  1. Welcome to the life of a soccer mom!! I love this post. I was reading it and my husband came by and told me that it was time to sign our twins up for soccer class. They turn 2 on Sunday. I hope they enjoy their soccer class, all 3 of my big boys started this age and we are still going :)