Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A weekend of firsts...

We had a busy weekend of firsts!
Saturday, we went to the circus for the first time!
We talked about it all week and saw commercials for it so Connor and Chloe would tell us they are going to the circus to see lions and tigers! And Chloe would add that she was going to see Zebras. I would just tell her "maybe". She also says the same thing every time we go to the zoo but that doesn't happen because our zoo doesn't have zebras yet. So we just tell her that we're looking for them the whole time. Poor girl just wants to see a zebra!
Chloe paid attention for most of it and would clap every time the audience would clap.
But I think Connor was more interested in the popcorn than the show.
He did perk up when the motorcycles came out to ride in the dome. And so did David.
They did so good sitting through a 2 hour show!
And yes, I just had to have this picture taken...
It was $20 for one picture! But my argument to David was that I didn't get any from Sesame Street Live and we don't buy souvenirs yet, and it's their first time, so there's no question that I need them to sit on these lions and take a picture!
We had a birthday party Sunday, right during our nap time. But we took it easy Sunday morning and just laid in bed and watched movies until it was time to go. I think this helped, because not only did they go full force at the birthday party and swam the whole time, but they wanted to play outside when we got home.
  The party favors from the party were sand buckets filled with fun summer items. But all they wanted to do was go outside and play in the dirt with their new buckets and shovels or as Chloe calls it her "handle".  She would say "where did my handle go?".
  Luckily, we've had a dirt pile in the backyard for a few years now and I knew it would be perfect. We took off their clothes and let them go to town. Connor played in the dirt for 2 hours! And wanted to go back after dinner, AND has asked us if he could play in the dirt every day since. He even woke up this morning and told us he was going to play in the dirt today. That boy doesn't forget anything!
So this is Connor and Chloe playing in the dirt for the first time. It's crazy to think this little boy used to cry every time he got dirt on him!
All they would do was take the shovel and put dirt in the buckets and then dump the dirt out, over and over and over.
I also got the water table out because it was hot and muggy but didn't feel like getting the swimming pool or water slide out. I almost sold this thing earlier this year because I didn't think the kids really got into it last year. But I'm glad I didn't because Chloe loves it.

We ended up never taking a nap and just playing straight through to dinner and then playing some more and then bath time and bedtime and they were both asleep at 7:15! I can't believe they did all of that and we really had no meltdowns. It's nice to have no nap some days!

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