Wednesday, October 29, 2014

HalloZOOween 2014

Last night we got all dressed up and went Trick-Or-Treating at the zoo!
SuperMom and Super Cooper!
We did this last year too but the twins were too little to understand what was going on. I still don't think they fully get it, but they had a lot more fun. They loved seeing everyone else dressed up and they for sure loved getting candy!
Connor was really drawn to all of the really scary costumes and would yell "Mommy! Daddy! Mommy! Daddy!" and just point to one. It scared Chloe a little bit though and I would feel her tense up or she would try to hide behind me.
 She wasn't so sure about all the scary stuff including a pirate ship and all of the pirates. Connor kept telling me that they weren't scary and that they were nice.  I'm not so of them asked Chloe if she was a princess and then he told her that he wanted to hold her for ransom.  Thanks dude, that helped.
Connor wanted his picture taken with the "ghosteds".
There was a royal castle with princesses inside that I just knew Chloe would love, but nope. She was even scared of them. She liked to look at them but from a distance and would only take a picture with them if I was holding her.
That was until she saw Elsa.
Just two Ice Queens hanging out.
Every time we go to the Zoo we tell them to stick their head in the T-Rex and most of the time Connor will do it and Chloe never will. But last night she ran up to it and said she wanted to stick her head in it. I guess T-Rex wasn't so scary after seeing all the other scary stuff there!

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