Monday, October 13, 2014

They're all getting so big!

We had a big weekend full of lots of firsts and changes.

We moved Chloe's crib out and she started sleeping in her big girl bed on Friday night.
I think she likes her new bed because she wanted to play "nap" all weekend. I kept hearing her ask Connor if he wanted to play "nap" with her. And then they would run off and fill her bed with "friends" (stuffed animals and dolls) and then they would turn the light off.

That same night, Cooper rolled over for the first time in his bed. In the middle of the night, I heard him grunting and I looked at the monitor and he was on his tummy. He looked like he was frustrated and didn't know how to get back to his back so David went in there and rolled him over and he went right back to sleep.
Our early morning feeding time before everyone else gets up...

Connor decided he was ready to try to poo poo in the potty.
He's also addicted to bandaids.  He now goes and gets them out of the drawer himself, opens them and sticks them all over his body.
They've both been wearing underwear full time at school for a week and the only accidents he's had have been when he's pooped. So I've been telling him that he needs to tell someone when he needs to poop so we can put a pull up on him. I did this so we would at least have an opportunity to stop him from going in his underwear and to teach him not to go and hide when he needs to poop.
So on Saturday morning, he told me he needed to poop, for the first time. I took him straight to the bathroom and asked him if he wanted to put a pull up on and he said no. I asked him if he wanted to poop in the potty and he said yes! I was shocked and so excited.
 So we sat there and I let him hold my hand and when Chloe came up being her nosey self, I told her to go get some books for us to read. So the three of us sat in the bathroom and read a few books and all of a sudden he says "I poo poo'd in the potty!". I made a huge deal out of it and Chloe squealed with excitement and we all had to look at it! Ha! And then he said "It didn't hurt!". And I think that's all it took. He went one more time that day when he came and told us he needed to go. And just like that, I feel like we can finally say he's potty trained. I'm not saying there won't be any accidents ever, but so far he's doing great. I still ask him over and over if he needs to go and most of the time he tells me no. But I can tell when he needs to because he'll pause and think about his answer and then say "Um yeah I do mommy" and he'll take off running to the bathroom.
Chloe also stayed dry all day on Saturday.

So in between potty breaks and playing "nap", we made some Halloween cookies.
Chloe is always in either her Elsa dress or her Sofia dress because those are the easiest to get on by herself. And her jammies are always on underneath because she hasn't mastered taking those off by herself yet.
And Connor spent most of the weekend in his Spiderman costume.

After a nap, we laid in my bed to watch TV so David could watch football in the living room.
Connor likes watching YouTube videos of people playing with Disney toys and Play-Doh. I don't know if it's the soothing voice that narrates it or if he's really interested in the toys.

Saturday night, Cooper rolled over again in his bed in the middle of the night and we flipped him back over and he went right back to sleep.
Chloe must have gotten up a little too early because she started dragging around 10:30 so I decided to feed them and put them down for an early nap.
After our nap, we all loaded up and went to David's soccer game. It was so cold! Or at least I thought it was cold. It didn't bother the twins. They played and ate snacks and watched David play and then pestered me.
We also visited the potty 3 times. I won't go into it, but Chloe kept telling me she needed to poop but then wouldn't go when we went in there and eventually just went in her pants. So great. I don't blame her though.  I probably would have rather gone in my pants than have to go in that nasty bathroom too.
 But she did end up going in the potty when we got home. At least she was telling me that she had to go.

I got the jumper out for Cooper because David said that they had him in one at school the other day. I never thought he would be big enough for it yet but thought he would like sitting up in it so he can see everyone and then he surprised me by actually being big enough to touch the floor and even bounce. He loves it!
Every baby toy I dig out of the attic or the closet gets Chloe's attention and she immediately tells me that her babies need to play with it.  And if you were go look in our living room right now, every baby item has a doll in it.  The jumper, the swing, and the Bumbo.  And all of her babies are named Cooper too.

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