Monday, October 6, 2014

Our great weekend!

We had a really great weekend!

But I want to back up a minute...We've been talking with the twins teachers at school about their potty training and how we were doing really great (still in pull ups), but then regressed and I was worried if it was because they were getting used to the pull ups and were realizing that it's ok to pee in them. So we bit the bullet and just sent them to school in underwear for the first time on Friday. I packed 2 extra pairs of underwear and pants for each and just held my breathe all day. I just feel like they need a little push and if the teachers are willing to put up with the possible mess, then I'm all for it!
So as I walked into school to pick them up Friday afternoon, I was holding my breathe and crossing my fingers. I walked into their room and Chloe was wearing shorts. I sent 2 extra pairs of pants so I was a little confused about the shorts and it turns out they were Connor's shorts. She had a few too many accidents. But Connor was still in his original pants and underwear! He stayed dry all day! I was so proud. And he was too.

Ok, so now the weekend was here and it was going to be on us to keep them dry. This is where I feel like I fail all the time because I still have a newborn! That I'm breast feeding! It's hard to stay on top of EVERYTHING.
 It's also game day and we were going to have a few friends over to watch football. This made me so nervous, but I didn't want to put him back in pull ups and then back in underwear. I feel like we needed to stay consistent. So, he started the day off in underwear and since Chloe had so many accidents the day before, she can't be trusted and she was in a pull up. The night before I re-evaluated the whole potty training twins thing and felt like I needed to just mainly focus on the one that is farther along for now and hope the other one just follows right behind. So I decided that since Connor is staying dry more, he's the lucky one that gets to wear underwear. Chloe seemed ok with this and never mentioned wanting to wear underwear.
Here are my little pee pots helping me make brownies Saturday morning...
We watched the football games out back so the kids were playing in the backyard most of the day. I still have the little training potty out there because it's impossible to get them to come inside and pee and miss any of the fun. So about every hour or hour and a half, I would tell them it was potty time and if Connor had to go he would run over to the potty and go and every once in a while Chloe would go but I still had to bribe her with candy or a cookie. But to my surprise, both of them stayed dry all day with the exception of Connor having one accident Saturday morning but it was poop (which he still has yet to do in the potty), so I'm not completely counting that one and Chloe also having a poop accident. I have started telling him that if he needs to poop then he needs to come tell me and I will put a pull up on him. I'm doing this for a few reasons...I don't want him to get stopped up, I want him to recognize when he needs to go and come tell me instead of going to hide somewhere and doing it in his underwear, and if I know about it then I can get him to the potty and at least he can try to go in it. I think that was a pretty successful day.
Cooper sleeping through it all...

Sunday morning we got up and started the day off the same way. Chloe was in a pull up (still don't trust her because it's harder to get her to actually stop playing and go sit on the potty), and Connor was in underwear. Again, I was nervous and didn't know how the day was going to go because we were going to attempt to go to David's soccer game that afternoon and there are only porta potties there and I'm not even going to try that with toddlers that like to touch EVERYTHING in the bathroom and a newborn. But again, I didn't want to go back and forth between underwear and pull
Watching Frozen for the 1,256,739th time...
So we went for it. We did stop at a gas station right before the game to pee one last time. Chloe went, Connor didn't. He said he didn't need to go and I tried to explain to him that there are no potties where we're going and it's going to be a long time before we get to another one. But he kept saying he didn't need to go.

So we get to the game and what does Connor want to do the whole time? Drink from my water bottle of course. And all I kept thinking about was him just peeing everywhere. Or even better, him waiting until we get in my car and then him peeing everywhere.
 At half time, when David came to sit down and could watch the baby, I took both kids to the porta potties. Maybe they weren't THAT bad. Ummm, yeah, they were disgusting. The kids wouldn't even go in there and Chloe just kept yelling "There's poop in there!".  
It was gross. I would rather deal with him peeing all over himself then going in those things.
 Then as we were walking back to the field, I tried to convince him to pee outside on the corner of a building. Yeah, I'm going to be that mom that let's my kids pee outside, in public. Whatever works people! But he wouldn't do it.

They had fun playing at the game though. They ran around and kicked their soccer balls, picked up sticks, watched daddy play, ate snacks, played with other kids, got restless, drank all of our water, and played some more.
After the game, we went to the first bathroom we could find. It was Braums, so we decided to just eat dinner to and reward them with a milkshake. They were both dry! And Connor said "I pee a lot!" after he went potty.
Isn't he just the cutest?
They love public bathrooms. They love the toilets that flush themselves and are extra loud and they love the hand dryers but only for a short time and then they start telling me "that's enough mommy".
Then it was time to go home and get ready for bed. So for Sunday, Connor stayed dry all day, no accidents, but also no poop. And Chloe had one poop accident and one pee accident right before bath.

After the twins went to bed, Mommy and Daddy got to play with Cooper. It's hard to do when the twins are up because they are always needing us to help with something or we're playing referee to an argument or kissing boo boos.
He's working so hard on rolling over and when we put him on his tummy, he immediately rolls back over to his back.

Overall, it was a great weekend. All three kids seemed to change again over night and just get a little bigger and a little more independent!

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