Tuesday, October 14, 2014


This weekend was cold and rainy so we spent a lot of time in our jammies around the house.

The kids are interacting more with Cooper the older he gets. They talk to him, they bring him toys, try to give him a paci, and soothe him when he's crying. He loves all of this. He will just stare at them and even give them some smiles.
Chloe thinks her babies need to be doing exactly what Cooper is doing.
Yesterday I was on the couch with Cooper and they were running down the hall to her room and I heard Connor say "Come on Chloe" and she said "Hold on! I need to talk to Cooper" and he said "Oh, ok. Me too". And they ran in to me and said "Hi Cooper" and then ran away.
Connor and Chloe are closer than I have ever seen them. They are playing together non-stop. They are always asking where the other one is and constantly asking each other if they want to go play in each other's rooms. Chloe calls Connor "My Connor". She will say "Where's my Connor?" or "I want my Connor!". Last night, she had a meltdown because I wouldn't let her sleep with her Connor.

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