Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Santa 2014

Yes, it's only 1 week after Halloween but we got all dressed up and headed to the mall this past weekend for our annual meet and great with Santa Claus. We have to plan ahead and get it done early for a few reasons. 1)No lines and they take a bunch of pictures until we get one we're happy with. 2)We pretty much have something going on every weekend until Christmas which is only 6 weeks away anyway!

The kids have done great every year meeting Santa. I'm really surprised that we never did have that crying baby in Santa's lap picture.
 Cooper is a different story though. He almost went there. The bottom lip was sticking out and quivering.




Chloe told Santa that she wants a Belle (from Beauty and the Beast) for Christmas. And Santa told her that he was going to bring her some Tinkerbell Pajamas. Thanks a lot Santa.
And Connor told Santa he wanted a Ninja Turtle. Santa then asked him if he wanted a train for Christmas and Connor nodded yes. Thanks again big guy.
After we talked to Santa, we walked around the mall and rode the carousel.
Connor is always the driver and Chloe is always the passenger.

We also put the tree up this weekend. Again, no other time to do it!
 I don't have everything up, just the tree.
 We put it up while the kids were all napping on Sunday but I saved about 10 ornaments for them to help put on. They were so excited when they saw it. Connor told me that Santa brought the tree while they were sleeping. That little comment right there shows me how magical this Christmas is going to be. We're all so excited!
And Chloe told me that our tree has snowflakes on it like Frozen.  When will the Frozen obsession end?!?!

We've already been telling them that Santa is watching every time they start fighting or throwing a fit.

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