Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Weekend Randoms

This past weekend, we went to see David's grandparents.
Connor and Chloe wore their Halloween costumes to show Grandma and Grandpa.

It's Halloween every day in our house. The kids are always dressing up in something. On this day, Chloe was Minnie Mouse (her costume from last year) and David is wearing the hat from Connor's Buzz Lightyear outfit.
They love to snuggle on the couch. But then David told them to pretend to be asleep so I wouldn't take their picture!

It's cold outside so that means no more running around burning energy in the backyard. Now we have to be creative and find things to do inside and that usually involves Play-doh, coloring, playing with stickers, playing in the playroom or in each other's rooms.

No one napped at the same time on Sunday. The time change had us all messed up. So I got a little bit of one on one cuddle time with each of them.

Cooper LOVES Connor and Chloe. When he is crying, they will go over and talk to him and he immediately stops and just watches them. When they come up to talk to him or play with him or give him kisses, his face just lights up with a huge smile. It melts my heart so much.
So he was in little brother heaven when I put him on the couch in between bubba and sissy to watch a movie.
Connor and Chloe were so sweet and kept holding his hands and of course when they did that Cooper would chew on their fingers. Connor would say "Cooper's eating my fingers", like he was telling on him. And I would just say that he's a baby and that's what baby's do so Connor would give his hand back to Cooper and let him chew away.
Chloe ran away and left the boys on the couch alone.

Connor the Space Ranger...

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