Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's not good news...

I got all excited this weekend when my next cycle started because that meant that on Monday I could call the doctor and start the next round of IUI. So, first thing Monday morning, I called and left a message for the IUI nurse and tried to wait patiently for her to return my call. I hear nothing so I call again that afternoon and left another message (it always automatically goes to voicemail so they can sift through the calls before they call anyone back). Monday ends and I never hear from anyone. So I call back first thing Tuesday. I still don't hear anything by lunchtime so I decide to call another number and it just goes to another voicemail. Ugh!!!! So frustrating! The reason I'm calling like a stalker is because I have to go in for the baseline ultrasound and start the fertility meds by the 4th day of my cycle. So I'm on a little dealine here! Well, I finally get a call back from another nurse because the IUI nurse I always deal with is out of the office for the afternoon. She schedules my baseline ultrasound for the next morning (today).

I go in for my appointment and discuss with her my concerns about the schedule this month and if our ski trip (and me skiing) is going to affect the IUI this month. She tells me that the schedule won't be affected at all and that I'm cleared to ski if I want to. And it turns out that we would be set up to do the IUI next week! Yeah!! I get soooo exited. That is until she does the ultra sound and finds that my cysts has not fully gone away. The doctor isn't in the office so she can't show her right then so she sends me for blood work to check my progesterone level and she is going to call the doctor to ask her what we should do. If the level is under 50, then we are good to go, but if not, we will have to skip another month. At this time, I still think we are good to go and I'm planning my next week and telling my boss that I have another appointment next week, etc.

Then this evening, I get a call from Julia, the IUI nurse and she informs me that my progesterone level is 150! It's supposed to be under 50! What that means is that the follicle that's hanging out is still producing hormones and trying to release an egg, but it can't. So we have to take another month off and she gave me a stronger birth control to try to get rid of the cyst. She said it's a lot stronger so it's probably going to cause more headaches. So not looking forward to that.

I guess the ONLY good thing that came out of all of this is that I can go on the ski trip and ski and have fun without having to worry about if I'm going something to jeopardize the IUI or something. I'm really looking forward to this trip, so it will be nice to be able to relax and not have to worry about anything for a whole week.

So, we're just waiting for next month...

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  1. Keep up the great attitude! You all are going to have a baby soon. I can feel it! Thank God for modern medicine. Love you both!