Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow Day

The storm started yesterday and they let me go home from work around 1:15 before it got really bad. When I left work, I had to drive in a lot of freezing rain and that continued for most of the night. So I thought for sure I wouldn't have to go in to work this morning. But when I got up, I called the office and the outgoing message said that we would be open today but that employees should take their time getting to work because of the bad roads. So, I get all ready to get out and brave the drive. The first few miles from the house were the worst. I watched the suv in front of me slide off the road and go into the ditch and almost hit a tree.

When I got to work I was surprised to find only 3 other people in my department there! Did I miss something?!?!? The message said the office was open so why am I one of the only ones here?!?! I watched the news when I got to work and they kept saying that the roads are going to get worse because the snow is now coming in and it's going to get heavier throughout the day. So when my boss finally got there, I went in and told her what the news said and that I was going home because if no one else has to be here, neither do I!

I made it home and woke the puppies up from their nap in the laundry room. I was anxious to see Brutus out in the snow. He LOVES the snow. He just runs around and doesn't want to come back inside.

And when he wasn't out in the snow, he was at the window watching it...

Peanut, on the other hand, hates the snow. This was the only picture I could get of him out in the snow.

He prefers to stay in by the fire.

Here are some pictures of the snow and ice.

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