Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Now I'm obsessed!

OK, so I'm offically obsessed with getting an SLR camera. The more I see other people's blogs and they have these really GREAT pictures, the more I really think I would enjoy that hobby. I want to be able to take awesome pictures with great color and lighting instead of the blurred images I get from my current digital camera. I want to be able to learn all about the right way to take a picture and use the editing software. And maybe, if I can start this new hobby soon... I will be so prepared to take perfect pictures when a little one finally comes! So my new goal as of right now, is to save up for this camera and learn how to use it (hint hint David...)

Oh! And can we please talk about how nice it is outside?!?! It's 60 degrees and sunny in the middle of January! I love it!

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