Monday, August 4, 2014

Kiddie Park

Friday night we took a short road trip about 45 minutes away to Bartlesville to go to the Kiddie Park. It's a little amusement park that is free to enter and the rides are all $.50 each! And they are all small rides, like there isn't a height requirement. The only restrictions are for kids that are too tall! It was perfect for Connor and Chloe. They had so much fun and just ran from one ride to the next the whole time.
The airplanes were Connor's favorite and the swings were Chloe's.


  1. You look great, Tara!

    Do you think Tylee is too big for this? I've been thinking about taking her here but they have weird hours!

  2. Thanks!

    I think she might be too big for almost every ride. The twins were the perfect size and next year might be their last year to go and then they will be too big to enjoy it. They did have maximum height restrictions.
    And yes, the hours are very weird! But it's ran by volunteers, it looked like all high school kids.