Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Stuff they're saying...

The twins come up with some pretty funny stuff and I've been trying to write it down when they say something over and over or something clever and new.

-They're calling me "Mom" now instead of "Mommy" or "Momma". I think they started doing this because I would say things like "do this for mom", referring to myself in the third person. So now I'm "Mom".

-They are saying things are for boys or girls now. For example, if Connor picks up a doll, Chloe will run over and say "That's for girls! Not boys!". And then she will go point to Spiderman and say "That's for boys." It's mostly Chloe clarifying things and Connor getting upset when he can't play with something that is classified as "for girls!".

-They tell me that Cooper is too little for just about anything. If they want to go play outside or upstairs, they will tell me that Cooper can't because he's too little. Or if they are having a cookie, they will tell me that Cooper can't because he is too little.

-David taught them how to play Hide And Seek over the weekend. He will go help one hide and the other one will come stand with me and we will count to 10 together and then they say "Ready or not...here my come!". We're working on teaching them to say "I" instead of "My".

-Connor likes to put this Spiderman costume on that I bought recently at a consignment sale.
The other day, he put it on with his batman mask and started asking me for his cowboy boots. He then ran up to me and said "I gotta go climb that wall over there".

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