Friday, February 13, 2015

Life Lately

Cooper moved on up to the big tub with the big kids last night and he LOVED every second of it!
He is always wanting to do everything they're doing so he was just in HEAVEN sitting there playing and watching their every move. You could just tell he felt like he FINALLY fit in with them!

Lately with Chloe:
-She is my handful right now. She is all drama and the QUEEN of fit throwing. But she's also the funniest. She will throw a fit and when she realizes that she is getting in trouble and is actually getting punished by not getting something she wants at the time, she quickly stops crying and says "But I'm not crying now."
-She has been talking about her friend Cameron at school a lot lately. She calls him "My Cameron" like that's his full name. There is always a "my" in front of "Cameron" in every story she tells.
On night at dinner, she randomly just starts telling us "My Cameron runs from me outside." It was so funny. I just picture Chloe chasing this little boy around outside and he just wants to run away from her! I need to tell her to stop chasing him and he will eventually start chasing you!
-The 100 million "Why" questions have started. If I say anything to her, her first response is "Why?" and then if I respond, she comes back with "But why?" and her face is all squished up. It's exhausting.
-The other night at bedtime, she told me she needed to potty but I knew she had already just gone. But she insisted. So we went to the potty and she sat there and sat there and sat there and finally she said "I'm trying but I'm all out of pee pee."
-She insists on sleeping in a princess dress over her jammies.
-Every day she asks what day it is and when I tell her she says "I go to dance this morning?" with her face squished up. She loves dance and every day she hopes it's dance day.
-Everything that happens to her happens "last year" instead of yesterday. For example, if she fell down yesterday, she will remember it when she sees her bruise and tell us that she fell down last year.

Lately with Connor:
-Chloe makes him look like my Golden Child (with all of her drama and fit throwing).
-He is really into all of his toys lately. Mainly his Dinosaur, trucks, tractors, and Superheroes and he always comes running up to me to tell me what he's going to go play with. Then I hear "watch mommy, watch", while he makes them do whatever they do.
-He went potty the other day and if it's #2 they yell for us to come wipe them and when I went to wipe him I commented on how messy it was and he said "yeah, it's a sloppy one".
-Last night Chloe started telling us how Connor had pushed a friend at school and at first I thought she was ratting him out. But as her story went on she said the friend hit and pushed her in the grass and Connor pushed the friend back. He was defending her! I don't know the whole story and I think the friend actually pushed Connor too, but brother defended both of them. I was not mad one bit and there was no incident report so I have no idea if anyone got in trouble, but I really don't think I will ever punish either one of them for defending themselves or each other. We even drill this into Connor and we will ask him "What happens if anyone messes with your sister?" and he says "They get a knuckle sandwich!".
It's so hard to really determine who the dominant twin is.  They're personalities are so different.  Connor is quieter and more shy, but he takes care of Chloe and Cooper.  He shares more and seems to follow the rules more and points out to me when he does something good because he wants to make sure I know about it. He also wants me to know when Chloe isn't following the rules and is being bad.
Chloe is more outgoing and doesn't follow any kind of rules.  She is pretty bossy and doesn't really like to share but she seems to follow Connor's lead on what they're playing with at the time.  But on the other hand, she is more likely to go off and play in her room by herself whereas Connor would rather play with her or have her play what he is playing than just playing on his own.

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