Monday, February 9, 2015

Our weekend

We spent Saturday morning getting our Valentine's ready!
Connor did one and then he said he was done but Chloe stuck with it and did 18!
  I finished the remaining 17 for Connor and then did 8 for Cooper's class and 6 for all of their teachers.

When it warmed up a little bit, we headed outside to play (still in our jammies).
The twins rode their bikes while we walked around the neighborhood. We played at the playground, rode bikes some more, and played in the back yard. I was going to attempt skipping their nap because it was SO nice outside and I wanted them to enjoy it. But around 3:00, I could tell they just couldn't do it anymore. We went inside and just watched a movie in bed and Connor fell asleep and took a good nap, but Chloe didn't. But at least she had some down time.

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