Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Cooper got sick for the first time at the end of last week.
One baby in his class was already out for it, we knew that. Then on Thursday, the teachers told me that he wasn't acting himself and that he just wanted to lay around and sleep.
 Friday, I get a call saying one other baby went home with RSV and Cooper is still just wanting to sleep.
I picked him up early and started breathing treatments per the doctors orders.
He was acting pretty playful for me so I was convinced he was just pretending to be sick so we could spend the afternoon together.

We took him in to see the doctor Saturday morning and he was swabbed and it came back positive for RSV. He was never fussy and didn't ever run a fever really, just a low grade of about 99.5. The doctor said he was the happiest RSV patient he has seen.
Watching tv in the waiting room.
Saturday was a pretty good day. We kept doing the breathing treatments and just played a little and napped a little like normal.

Sunday was the worst day. He was fussier and just wanted to sleep and be held while he slept. He would eat and then just want to snuggle up on my chest and fall asleep.
He seemed to get a little more of his energy back on Monday. I stayed home with him and we played and watched tv. That evening he started to get a little fussy though. He also has a slight ear infection and that could have been the cause of the fussiness.

David stayed home with him today and I got to talk to him on Facetime when he woke up.
He was all smiles and David said he was in a good mood.
 I'm hoping this continues so he can go back to school tomorrow!

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