Monday, February 23, 2015


We went to a birthday party for a sweet little friend on Saturday and hung out with Chloe's favorite friend from school Betsey.  At one point, I told her to share her ball with Connor and she told me "I'm playing with my Betsey right now."

Connor and Chloe are into wrestling each other a lot lately. They will just be watching tv and start to wrestle. Where does this come from?! 
This time I had to make them get off of my bed and wrestle on the floor instead.

It was cold and snowing again Sunday morning, so we spent our time playing with Legos.
 Daddy helped Connor and I helped Chloe.

Cooper wasn't feeling great yesterday and he slept a lot. I'm hoping it's just teething and not another illness!

We went to watch David's soccer game Sunday afternoon.
They were sharing snacks.

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