Monday, February 16, 2015

School Valentine's Party and Valentine's Day Fun

David and I went to the kids' Valentine's Day Party at school on Friday.
We stopped in to check on Cooper first...
Connor and Chloe's class had just woken up from their naps so everyone was still sleepy and cranky.
Connor was yawning.
Chloe did have on a cute Valentine's outfit but had an accident earlier in the day and was wearing her spare clothes and her cute pigtails had turned into a messy ponytail. One day I'll do a before and after school picture of this girl!
They sang and danced to a Valentine's song.
Then it was time for the treats!
Chloe likes me to take pictures of her when her face is covered in icing.

David planned our Saturday out for us and I wasn't allowed to know anything about it. So after breakfast, we got dressed and headed to Tulsa. We ended up at the mall for some shopping.
After the mall, we went to eat lunch at Zios and then went to Vintage Pearl to order a "Cooper" charm for my necklace that's been sitting in my purse for 8 months.
 On our way home, we decided to stop by a new park because the weather was SO nice!
We played outside in the backyard when we got home and then came in to open our Valentine's presents before dinner. We got the twins some Legos and more Paw Patrol toys. They had a lot of fun putting the Legos together with David and I.
We had pizza for dinner and then got ready for bed.
It was the perfect Valentine's Day and I loved how I didn't plan any of it and that I got to spend the entire day with all of my Valentine's!

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