Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The iPad 2 is coming!

This has definitely brightened up my day a little bit! Just an hour ago, Steve Jobs introduced the new iPad 2!

Here are some some pictures from the actual announcement:

It will have a camera on the front and the back!

It's thinner than the iPhone 4!

It will come in white and black. It will also have the same prices as the previous iPad.

It's being shipped out next Friday! I'm not sure exactly what that means or when they will be available in the store, but shortly after that, right?

A new cover will also be available. The old cases made the iPad too bulky and they wanted it iPad to stay as thin as possible since they worked so hard on the design.
And get this, the new cover will attach to the iPad magnetically! So just on the front. Also, the underside of the pad cleans the screen! And...the iPad wakes up when you fold open the cover and goes to sleep when you close it...automatically!

In addition to adding iBooks, Photobooth is also a new feature...

And Facetime! You can Facetime with any other iPad 2 and iPhone 4!

iMovie is a new movie editing app that looks amazing and it's only $4.99.

So Amazing! I'm happy to annouce that I will be purchasing one as soon as they are available at my local Best Buy (I have rewards points I need to use up!)

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