Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I HATE Babies R Us!

This past Saturday, my friend Kristen joined me in the very exciting task of registering at Babies R Us and Target. I had my list prepared and I felt like I was going to be very organized about it. I took Kristen along instead of David because I knew she would have advice on the stuff I should and shouldn't get and David would have hated every minute of it. And I could just picture both of us staring down the isles, just clueless on where to start.

So I give my information to the registry person and I get my scanner and I'm on my way. They suggest that you start in the toy section and work your way around the store and finish in the feeding and bath section because that's the most overwhelming section. Well, who are they freaking kidding?! I got overwhelmed in the first isle of the toy section!!! So basically, Kristen registered for my babies with just a little help from me. And after 3 1/2 hours of isle after isle of this, we were finally done and I hobbled out of there hungry and sore.

After all of that, we decided to get Target knocked out that night too. By then, I just started scanning random items and really have no clue what's on my Target registry. I plan on cleaning it up sometime. I was over it all. I compared it to when you get engaged. You want to get engaged so bad because planning a wedding looks like so much fun until you're actually doing it and it's not so much fun after you pick out your dress. I've waited for a baby for so long that I used to search the internet all the time for baby clothes, car seats, and strollers. And now that it's finally here, I want all of this part over with and I just want my babies here and I want their closets to be magically stocked with necessities.

So yesterday, I decided to get online and check out the damage I did at Babies R Us, only to find that my registry didn't exist. I started to panic so I called them immediately...and they couldn't find it either! My exact words were "I spent 3 1/2 hours creating that registry yesterday, you better find it!" Ok, I'm a little hormonal, but also I've been very unimpressed by the Babies R Us employees. All of them act like it's their first day there and they know nothing when you ask any kind of question. No help at all!
Thankfully, they found it and it turns out they had spelled my last name wrong when they entered my information into the computer. That might be something important to get right, don't you think?!

So happy it's all over with!

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