Thursday, July 5, 2012

1st 4th of July

Yesterday was such a busy day! And of course we had to start the day off with a photo shoot!
He looks at her all the time now. He loves his sister.

We then headed to a family cookout for lunch.
Connor looks like such a big boy in this picture.

While we were there Connor decided it was time for him to figure out the whole rolling over thing!  He did it twice in a row.  He hasn't done it since then but that's just because he had people holding him the rest of the day!  He was so proud of himself though.  When he finally made it onto his tummy and he pushed himself up he looked around at everyone like "does everyone see what I'm doing?!"  He is the cutest boy in the world!
We ended the day by going over to a friends house for dinner. And with all of the visits of the day and all the people holding the babies, I felt like I didn't get to cuddle with them at all on my day off! I did hold Chloe a lot because she was fussy and tired by the end of the day but Connor is so cuddly with everyone that he was just passed around all day. It made me sad when I had to put him to bed because that's when I realized that momma didn't get to snuggle with him at all! Trying to put the babies to bed with all of the fireworks going on outside was a challenge. They were already overly tired from the day's activities and then going to bed later than normal threw them off and then getting woken up every second by a loud boom wasn't pleasant. I'm hoping the fireworks are over soon so we all can get some sleep!

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