Friday, July 27, 2012

Party Planning

OK, so let me just state the obvious...I'm a planner. I always have been. I'm a list maker, always thinking ahead, organized, schedule maker, OCD, planner. Always have been and I get it from my Momma.

Yes, the babies turn 1 in January...and yes, I'm starting to plan their birthday party. I have looked forward to these moments for so long and I just want to try to make it as perfect as possible. I love birthday parties with cute themes and decorations. I love the pictures and memories made. We've waited on these babies for a long time so I think it's only right to celebrate them in grand style!!! (And Yes, I will use that "we waited forever..." excuse for everything in their lives!)

So... I've decided on a theme and I've started planning the decorations and invitations. And the other day I was searching through the $1 section at Target and picked up these goodies...

My plan is to do a little at a time so I'm not hurried to finish everything up in January. I'm so excited!!!

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