Monday, July 16, 2012

Girls Day

My mom came up to visit and to go to The Affair of the Heart on Saturday. We decided to take Chloe with us and I'm so glad we did. I knew she would do good because she loves watching people and looking at new and different places.


She LOVED it. She was being so silly and smiling at everyone. She has also learned to do a new sound that kind of sounds like an injured bird. She would squawk really loud and then smile.

She sat in her stroller half the time and we carried her the other half. She liked being eye level with people as we passed them. It was like she thought they were all there to see her because she sure did put on a show for everyone. She's cute and she knows it! There was only about a 10 minute nap in the stroller so I was worried she was going to start getting fussy. But no tantrums here!


She did start to get tired though at the end. This is how we found her in her car seat when we finally made it home...

Miss Priss was exhausted.

I'm so glad that we did some one on one time with the babies like this. David took Connor to a friends house to swim while we were gone and he said he had fun too. They both got individual attention and we also gave each other a little break instead of having one of us watch both babies alone while the other went and did something. And taking just one baby somewhere is so easy! It was no big deal to just be changing one diaper all day and preparing just one bottle and feeding one baby. It was a piece of cake! Not to mention we didn't have people stopping to gawk at us every 2 seconds because everyone is so interested in twins.

So after a busy day for us on Saturday, we spent the whole day yesterday in our pjs, cuddling, napping, and watching tv.

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