Monday, July 2, 2012

Fun at the lake!

David was gone out of town this weekend so I packed up the babies and a car full of crap that I really didn't need (but you never know what you need with 2 babies!) and headed down to my parent's house at the lake. My mom bought them some new rafts and a Johnny Jumper. First up was trying out the Johhny Jumper...

Connor loves his jumperoo at home so I knew this would be a hit with him.

He gets those chubby legs moving!

Chloe didn't do much bouncing because she locks her knees. She mainly would just spin around like a ballerina.

Then it was time to head out to the water! It had been a month since the babies had been to the lake and that experience wasn't the best. They had screamed when we tried to put them in the water, so I didn't know what to expect this time. We've been to the pool a few times since then and they love bathtime, so my hopes were a little high on how this was going to go.

Well, this shows how Chloe felt about it...

She loved it! She loves being outside and she loves the pool so this was perfect for her.
  There was a little breeze so the water was a little rough but each time a wave came through with a gust of wind she just smiled and started kicking her feet.

Connor is so laid back that it's hard to tell how much he loved it but he wasn't fussy and he would smile every once in a while. He also kicked his legs from time to time. He was mainly focused on playing with his hands.

They would lay back and we thought for sure the rocking motion would put them to sleep.

Nope. They stayed awake for the whole thing. They even skipped their nap all together except for finally falling asleep on the beach for a few minutes.

Chloe has changed so much in just the last 2 weeks. She used to be so fussy all the time and I would just cry when she cried because nothing would make her happy. I felt like she hated me! But she smiles all the time now! She still gets fussy when it's time for bed because all she wants is to be laid down in her bed and she lets us know if we're keeping her up too late. I'm so happy that she's finally growing out of the mad stage she was in and that we found something that she really likes. She's going to be a water baby for sure!

Before we left to go home yesterday, Chloe played a little more in the Johnny Jumper while Connor was napping (remember how I used to only have pictures of Connor because Chloe would be napping all the time? What a switch!)

And before I forget to document it...Miss Thing is a full on roly poly these days.  She has it figured out and she does it every time she wants to.  In fact, she kept me up Friday and Saturday night at the lake because she would roll over on her belly while she was sleeping and then get mad about it so I would have to go help her roll back over to her back.  I want her to learn to do it on her own, but I know she was tired and Connor was sleeping right next to her and I didn't want him to wake up too.
Connor still tries his hardest but just isn't there yet.

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