Monday, July 9, 2012

Weekend Review

The babies were a little sick this weekend so we didn't do much, thank goodness. I love staying home and cuddling my babies every chance I get!
Connor playing with Daddy. I don't know what it is about Connor's smile, but it just melts my heart. He just looks at us with so much love that I've never felt before. He is so curious (I know I say that all the time), it looks like he studies us and when we make eye contact he just smiles. I don't even know how to describe what I feel when he does that to me but I tear up most of the time when it happens! Chloe has a silly, happy smile like she thinks something is funny all the time and yes, I love her smile too, but it's different. Again, I'm not sure what it is about his smile...maybe it's because he's such a momma's boy!

Since the twins are not the same gender, I don't get to dress them alike, obviously. But as Connor grows out of 6 month clothes into 9 months and Chloe is in 6 months instead of 3 months, his pjs get passed on to her. For this reason, I usually buy yellow jammers, gender neutral. So I just realized the other night that I had a size 6 month and 9 month of the same jammers so I just had to put them on the babies.
This is the result:

Oops! Now I can't tell them apart! Just kidding...

Can you see how thrilled Chloe is about this?

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