Monday, July 23, 2012

My roly poly and little fishies

We have an infestation of roly polies in our house...

I don't know what to do! They're all over my living room floor...

I was able to catch this one on camera. I know we have another one somewhere around here but that crazy roly poly actually takes the bed!

But I do have to admit, this one's pretty cute!

We also have a couple of little fishies!

They love the water and that makes me so happy! We had another fun swim lesson on Saturday. Chloe was even trying to swim! She was moving her arms and kicking her legs when David had her on her tummy in the water. It looked like she was dog paddling! I wish I had it on camera. She wants to go somewhere so bad!

We went swimming again yesterday in our rafts. They both kick and splash and Chloe loves to just sit back in her raft and enjoy the water. We went during naptime though, and this didn't mix well with a little boy that also skipped his first nap...

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