Monday, July 5, 2010

What a week...

Last Thursday, June 24th, we were all packed up and headed to Mexico. On the way downt there I kept checking the weather for the week and I kept seeing that it was supposed to rain every day that we were going to be down there. I didn't think too much about it because everyone knows that it rains off and on in Mexico all the time, but it's never really a big deal...unless...there's a hurricane! Yep, that's right, Hurricane Alex decided to head to Playa the same time we did :(

We arrived in Cancun around 2:00 and by the time we went through Customs and retrieved our bags (mine was ripped open and the zipper broken, btw, but David managed to make a quick fix to it so I could make it to the hotel), and then waited for our shuttle to take us to the resort it was after 3:00 and then it was about an hour drive to Playa. So we checked in, got to our rooms and rinsed off and then headed to find something to eat.

We got up the next morning ready to have some breakfast and head to the pool for a day in the sun. Well, it started out ok, but then the rain came and it didn't look like it was going to let up. We went to our rooms to wait it out. We napped and watched tv all afternoon. Then we got ready for dinner again and headed to the lobby for the night's entertainment.
The next few days all seemed to go the same way because we couldn't really plan anything because of the weather. We did book a snorkeling trip but it got postponed because of the rain and then it eventually was cancelled because of the wind, even though the sun was out. That was disappointing because I think we all were looking forward to that. We did get to enjoy one full day in the sun on the beach and at the pool and we even got a little bit of a sunburn!
I hope to have more pictures of Mexico posted as soon as I can get them all uploaded.

We got home this past Wednesday night and it was back to work on Thursday. I had 2 full days of work trying to get caught back up after being gone for a week. But I can't complain because it made the days go by super fast and before I knew it, it was time for the 3 day weekend!

Again, we didn't really know what to plan for the weekend because the rain was headed our way yet again. So we decided to stay home and if it cleared up, we would just go to Skiatook for the day because it's only about a 30 minute drive from our house to the boat ramp.
Saturday morning, we got up early and David cleaned the boat and I got the food and everything ready for us to go out on the boat. We had plans for 3 other couples to go out with us too. We also kept wathing the weather reports on tv to see if it was even worth it to go out or if it was just going to rain all day. Well, we could tell really quick that it wasn't going to clear up anytime soon, so we cancelled the day at the lake and decided to just have a lazy day around the house and it was so nice to catch up on my sleep.
Saturday night, we decided to have a few friends over for a cookout, watch the UFC fight, and to set off a few fireworks. It turned out really good and we had alot of fun. I wish I would have taken pictures...dang it!
We got up Sunday morning and the sun was shining! So we got everything packed up and headed out to Skiatook. We were very tired from the night before but we weren't going to miss out on the sunshine!
After the nice, relaxing day at the lake David and I went out to eat on our way home. After we got everything unloaded, we went out for some ice cream and came home and popped the remaining fireworks that we had. It was amazing to see all of the fireworks that people all around us were shooting off. It really was by far one of my favorite 4th of July nights.

I hope American had a very Happy Birthday!

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