Monday, November 21, 2011

3D Ultrasound

We had a 3D ultrasound last Thursday and I have to say I was a little disappointed. Of course I LOVED being able to see the babies, every chance I get, but that's just it, I could see the babies! They are so cramped in there that they are both folded in half and have legs, feet, arms, and hands in front of their faces! And Baby Girl spent most of her time facing my spine so it was extra hard to see her face!

These are the best pictures we could get of them:
Baby Boy did a pretty good job of posing for the camera. I'm convinced he just doesn't have anywhere else to go because she is smooshing him. But we got a few more pictures of him than we did of her. He likes to keep his hands up by his face and snuggle into the placenta though.

I think his eyes are shaped like David's.

This is a picture of how they are positioned next to each other. Her spine is resting on his butt.

Baby Girl was less cooperative. We poked at her over and over to try to get her to roll over and face us instead of my spine. She would get mad and kick back and finally rolled over halfway. We could see that she had the hick ups and was probably not in a good mood from those and from us poking on her. Then when she finally turned over all the way, she either had a hand, arm, leg, or foot in from of her face and she also likes to snuggle up to the placenta. One time her face was even smashed up against my belly which made her look like she has a pig nose!
In this picture, you can see her toe touching her forehead!
And this was one of the last pictures we got of her. The little booger opened one eye and smiled at us!
The ultrasound tech said she thinks they are going to look alike, with the same features. And she thinks they both have David's eyes and my nose and lips.

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