Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My sweet Peanut

I took Peanut to the vet yesterday because I thought he might be dehydrated. He had gotten into some trash that had left over chicken in it last Friday and over the weekend he wasn't acting himself and was constantly thirsty.
So I took him in just to get checked out and expected them to give him some fluids or something to hydrate him.
I was not expecting the call I got telling me that they ran some test s and it turns out...Peanut is diabetic.
This crushed me because someone I work with just got the same results with her dog and I've been listening to her talk about how difficult it's been to get her glucose levels right and all of the shots and her dog even had a seizure because her levels got too low.
Long story short...Peanut was put on prescription food and treats only. He can't have a bite of anything else. And I have to give him shots of insulin twice a day after he eats. And he has to stay on a schedule of eating/shots every 12 hours.
I will also have to take him into the vet once a week for a while and leave him there for the day to test his glucose levels for them to see if his insulin dosage needs to change or stay the same.
This was him on the way to the vet yesterday :(

So sad. It breaks my heart.

He also had high results in his blood test for possible Liver disease and high cholesterol, which these can effect his glucose levels too. Both of those are basically a result of his age. He's 11 years old and we've been pretty lucky with his health up until now.

He's not liking his new food very much but I'm planning on adding a little chicken broth to it tonight to add some flavor.

He also has a dental disease and a urinary tract infection.
I feel so bad for him but I have to just realize he is getting older an all I can do is try to make it as easy for him as possible.

I love my sweet Peanut.

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