Friday, March 21, 2014

27 weeks!

OK, so I ran out of time forgot to do a post for 26 weeks.
So here is my informal 27 week post picture from the bathroom at work.
I have gained 26 pounds so far and my back is really starting to hurt. I'm sure that's due to the extra weight upfront and picking up and carrying 2 toddlers around.
I feel really large this time around.  Last time I remember feeling still kind of small for carrying two babies, but this time I feel really big for carrying just one baby.
 I'm on my feet more with this pregnancy because of the twins too, so I feel really tired all the time. I'm not sure if I'm more tired than last time or if I just forgot how tired I actually was.
This baby moves ALOT. It even keeps me up at night which I never had a problem with the twins.  Chloe has felt the baby move and kick a few times when she is sitting on my lap or laying on me and she just giggles. 
So far, I haven't really done anything in preparation for this baby except get a new breast pump (that insurance pays for now!) and a new changing pad and it's starting to make me anxious! I'm starting to feel like I'm going to run out of time or not be prepared. But then I calm down and realize that's not true. I might not remember all of the little things I need for a baby but I do know that I will be able to run to the store if I do need something. Last time, it was like I was preparing for the world to end and I would never be able to leave the house again. I was fully stocked on everything and even a lot of stuff I never even used or needed. So I'm trying not to be that way this time.
  We are mainly still focusing on getting Connor's new room finished so we can move him up there in a few weeks and then I will be able to get some things set back up into the nursery again. I took all the baby stuff down in there when we moved Chloe out to try to make it more of a little boys room for Connor instead of a nursery and I just need to turn it back into a baby room.
I also need to get some baby clothes out of tubs and wash some of each gender. Speaking of...not knowing the gender is getting a little bit harder for me. Mainly because I want to pick a name and be confident in it and I don't feel like I can do that without knowing if it's a boy or a girl. It's a weird feeling that I can't really explain. And maybe that's why I'm not preparing and going baby crazy as much as I did the first time. I for sure know that I haven't spent any money on clothes since I don't know what it is. That has probably been the best thing for me so far. This way I won't buy a lot of stuff that I don't need or that won't really fit and it will never wear.
We are getting very excited though. We can't imagine how this baby is going to change the whole dynamic in our family since we don't know if it's a boy or a girl and that just makes the whole thing even more exciting. We also have no idea how the twins are going to react. We talk about the baby with them all the time and they talk about how big momma's belly is but I know they really have no clue what's about to happen to their lives.
  Connor tells the baby "night night" and says "see you soon" and he goes back and forth on if it's a baby brother or baby sister. One time when he told me it was a baby brother, I asked him if he was going to share his toys with him and he told me that he was going to share his Jake and his sword with him.
Chloe says she is going to help feed and change the baby's diapers. I'm going to hold her to that one! They both do like to "help", so I'm hoping I will be able to include them in everything as much as possible and make them feel important and not pushed aside.
Along with being excited, I'm also very nervous. We have become so used to our little routine and the twins are getting easier to get out and do things without packing up the whole car. We can communicate with them now and even just sit back and watch them play instead of having to help them with everything. Starting all over again makes me nervous, but I know everything will come back to me as soon as it happens and hopefully I will be a little more relaxed about it all and just enjoy it and enjoy the twins at the same time.
I'm also very nervous because even though the twins are easier, they are also a little harder. We are officially deep in the terrible twos and we have meltdowns, fights, and temper tantrums over every little thing. They have their own opinions now and get very frustrated if things don't go exactly their way. So this is a whole new learning experience for us on how to handle each situation. You don't want to give in every time but it's also a lot to take to listen to the screaming crying fits (sometimes times 2 because they do feed off of each other). The only thing that gets me through each tantrum is knowing that it won't always be like this. They will grow out of it...and then I get to do it all over again with this baby! No... I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this baby will be my easiest one!

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