Wednesday, March 12, 2014

C&C's first trip to the Dentist

We had our first dentist appointment this morning! I really loved the office and the staff. There was even a play room for the kids to play in while we waited our turn.
I was a little nervous about how it was going to go. It's not always fun and easy to get them to brush their teeth every morning and night. They mostly just suck on their toothbrushes for about 3 seconds and they're done. And then they fight us if we try to brush for them.
  But we have been talking about going to the dentist with them for a few weeks now and tell them that the dentist is going to count their teeth and clean them. So this morning, when I told them that we were going to the dentist, Connor said "count teeth!".
Connor did great! I couldn't believe he just laid there and let them look all in his mouth, do a full exam, do a full cleaning and floss!
There was a tv right above them with cartoons on. They were both all about that.
I thought for sure he would be my difficult one that was going to scream and fight with them.  But, he participated fully.
There was one thing I was concerned about with Connor. A few days ago, we noticed his front top tooth was discolored, like a brown instead of white like the rest of his teeth. I immediately thought it had to do with what he was eating, like due to bad nutrition or something because he is so picky and only wants to drink chocolate milk with every meal.
But the dentist said it was like a bruise on his tooth probably from falling and bumping his mouth. And it might have happened a few weeks ago or even several times and it's just now showing up. He said it will stay a little discolored until he loses it. I think he said it was like some of the roots are dead maybe. And he showed us that the back of the tooth is even more brown and bruised.
Chloe was a little different story. I tried to have her watch what they were doing to Connor but she wanted to play with my phone instead. So when it was her turn to get up in the chair, she wasn't so sure.
She started out pretty good.
But then was over it and she started telling her "No! I sit up now."
And it was over. And I had to hold her while the dentist did his exam.
Overall, they did great.  They got to pick out a little toy and stickers afterwards.  And when they got to school, Connor ran to his teacher and told her that he went to the dentist!

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