Monday, March 10, 2014

Best Buddies

Connor and Chloe were best buddies for most of the weekend. We had a few fights but mostly, they played together the whole weekend.
Friday night, we went to out to dinner and entertained ourselves by taking selfies while waiting for our food.
She loves drinking out of a big cup and I've let them have Sprite the last 2 times we've gone out to eat and she loves it. I don't think Connor likes it but he won't let me get him anything else if she is having Sprite.
Chloe also got a few compliments from strangers about how cute she is and one asked her what her name was while I was trying to pack up our table and I heard her little voice say "Chloe Brynn Dunaway", just plain as day. I can't believe she actually answered someone she didn't know! Usually she just acts shy and sometimes even gives a sassy glare.
After dinner, we did a little shopping for David. They were so silly and being so giggly. When I turned around to check on them, I found them like this...
Connor was turned around laughing at her and she would get up close to his face and laugh and he would grab her head and wrap his arms around her. They even shared a few kisses. But the fun was over when Connor started touching her bow. She started say "No Connor!"
Saturday morning, Chloe and I got up and headed to dance.
We only have one more class left before we take a break for a little while. A busy spring is going to turn into a busy summer with the new baby and the class has kind of dwindled down to just 2 little girls now so I think we'll take a break until the fall. And then she might be ready for a real dance class that mommy doesn't have to participate in.
In the car, on the way home from dance, I asked Chloe if she wanted to go home and play and she said "Yeah, I do that. I play with Connor."
OK, so I've decided that life with the binkies is going to come to an end soon. I have a plan and I know it's probably not going to work out like I want it to and it will just turn into a few days of screaming crying like this...
This is what actually happens when I take a binky away for a few seconds to get a picture of him without one. But I know it will only be for a few days and they will get over it and forget about it. They don't use one at all at school, but they have us tricked into giving them one when they are at home playing, for naps, and for bedtime. I'm a big sucker and I can't stand listening to the whining and screaming!
I've been putting it off until Chloe gets all of her teeth in because I know it helps. And I can't let her have one and not let Connor have one. Well, Chloe finally almost has all of her teeth (I think she has the slowest growing teeth ever!), so I think it's about time. My plan is going into place in about 2 weeks. I want to get it done before we move Connor to his new room. I don't want it all happening at the same time because I want an easy transition to the new room and new bed. We'll see how it goes.
So I gave him his binky back and he ran off happily playing...
(By the way...the eye that's looking through the telescope is closed.)
The kids like to see the pictures I've taken in my camera and when Chloe saw the one of Connor crying, she wanted to know where her crying picture was. I told her that I didn't have one of her crying so she pretended to cry so I would take a picture of it.
This girl is DRAMATIC!
I let the kids go play for a minute while I did some laundry and when it got quiet, I went looking for them and found this...
They love sitting in chairs together and they tell each other to "scoot up", which means scoot over.
Chloe said she wanted to ride the giraffe.
Sunday morning, we got ready to go have some Easter pictures made. I found a deal for Easter minis with a photographer here in town a few days ago and decided to have it done since I already had their Easter outfits.
Also, if there are no binkies, then there are fingers in their mouths! She was doing it on purpose because I told her not to.
Connor told Chloe that she looks like Princess Belle because her dress is yellow and he said that he looks like Ariel because a Little People Princess Ariel that they play with has a pink dress on and he had a pink shirt. I'm sure David was really proud of that moment.
I know this next picture is blurry but it shows David dancing with Chloe in the background. She thought it was so funny and then of course Connor wanted to dance with me.
Then they danced with each other. Again, super blurry. I didn't have time to fix the settings on my camera but it was too cute to miss.
Yesterday afternoon turned out really nice, so we headed outside to play.
It was a little windy so I told them that we needed to wear hats and Chloe insisted on this pink hat this is too small and Connor insisted on wearing his "hat with a pony". So it kind of defeated the purpose of trying to cover their ears.
Chloe thought it was funny to do the splits over and over. She would stop what she was doing and say "Splits!" and do this.

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