Monday, March 31, 2014

It's Spring!

We had a busy/fun weekend!
Friday night, the kids and I watched a movie in bed while Daddy watched basketball and I caught this little moment on camera...
Connor was petting my belly. They have both felt the baby move now, or at least they told me that have. I'm still not sure if they really understand.
Saturday morning, we got up and headed to the mall to see the Easter Bunny. I showed them their picture from last year with the Easter Bunny and Connor got excited but Chloe kept saying "No!". But of course we went anyway.
She was a little scared at first but surprisingly she let me set her down on his lap. The whole way there we kept telling them that if they got their picture taken with the Easter Bunny then he would bring them presents on Easter. So I think that helped motivate her a little.
  I'll post our Easter Bunny pictures another time.
And of course we had to ride the carousel.
And then we went to the Disney store where they FREAKED out about everything they saw. They loved it! The weren't grabbing and crying for things like I expected, but they would just shout out who they saw. We let them each get a small toy since they were so good with the Easter Bunny. She got a Minnie Mouse camera and he got a Jake camera.
  This is how Chloe takes pictures with it...
Sunday, we decided to go to David's soccer game since the weather was so nice. It was right at their nap time but we have pushed through it before and they love being outside so I thought it would work. This is what happened on the way...
We got to the game early and David went ahead and left us in the car and I let them sleep for about an hour total before we went to watch him.
Connor wasn't really feeling very well. His allergies are really bad right now, so it took him a little time to wake up and get ready to finally play with all the kids there. But Chloe took off right away and wanted to play. She kept saying "I play soccer now" and would run off and play with the other kids kicking a ball around.
When Connor finally warmed up, he started to have fun.
Connor playing soccer with his cousin Jagger.
When the game was over, the kids ran out to high five and hug daddy and they were ready to play too!
So needless to say, on our way home, Daddy stopped at the store and bought them their own soccer balls.
When we got home, we headed back outside. Not the best idea for their allergies, but we couldn't help it. It was so nice and they love it outside!
It just makes me that much more excited for summer!

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