Monday, March 17, 2014

Fun at the Zoo!

The kids school was closed on Friday so David and I both decided to take the day off of work to go do something fun with them. We decided to head to the zoo!
Each time we go, they are more and more in to it. They had the most fun this time and we didn't worry about leaving in time for a nap. We just pushed through and took our time. It wasn't super crowded either since it was a week day.
This was the first time they were actually allowed to ride the camel since they are 2 now! David got to ride with them this time since I'm pregnant.
Connor loved it and he even remembers the camel's name if you ask him about it.
We even went all out and bought the pass for unlimited carousel and train rides since these are their favorites anyway.
We even found a dinosaur! Connor loved this! Chloe wasn't so sure.
I told them to stick their heads in his mouth and Connor thought this was so funny. Chloe didn't want any part of that!
I told them I wanted to take their picture with the turtle and Chloe said she wanted her picture taken on the bench instead.
But Connor wanted on the turtle.
When we told them that we were going to the zoo and we started talking about what animals we all wanted to see, they both would say they wanted to see the giraffes, so they were pretty excited when we actually did see them up close!
After this, we asked them what they wanted to see next and Chloe said "See zebras!". Well, our zoo doesn't have any zebras, yet, but of course she isn't going to understand that. So all day long she would randomly say "See zebras!" and I would just tell her that we were looking for them. But there was a zebra on the carousel ride, so I think she was happy with that.
I still can't believe they are big enough to just run around a play ground and play on their own without me right there. I still can't just sit back and relax yet though. The playground was pretty big and there were a bunch of kids and of course mine took off in different directions. David went to get us something to eat so I was watching them alone and I felt like I was going to break my neck looking side to side at the different places they ran. But then Connor found this truck and didn't want to get off of it, so I at least had one that was stationary!
This girl loves slides.
Next up was the petting zoo.
Chloe has been a little scared of animals up close so she was a little shy unless I was right there with her. And she was not going near this big goat. She said "it's too big!". But Connor was all about it.
I think Connor could survive without a nap on a regular basis, but not Chloe. She was starting to go downhill at this point and just wanted to cuddle.
So we rode the train.
The kids think "taco" is a funny word, so when we want them to smile or laugh we tell them to "Say Taco!" instead of saying cheese. David caught them saying "taco" in this picture.
After a few more rides on the carousel, it was time to head home. We had spent 4 1/2 hours there and this momma was tired!

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