Sunday, June 7, 2015


For the final leg of our trip, we headed to Alabama for my cousin's wedding. Connor and Chloe were the ring bearer and flower girl.

Then it was time to party. We had been telling the kids about the reception for weeks and they had been practicing their dance moves, but I never expected them to actually get out there and dance the whole time. But that's all they wanted to do. They wanted to dance with mommy and daddy the entire time and were coming up to us asking "Can we dance just one more time?".
Chloe loved her dress and she kept telling us how she was going to twirl around and around and around.  So she was one happy girl when it was time to finally twirl!
My Mamaw and Papaw.
All the girl cousins.
Cooper fought a good fight and finally fell asleep around 9:00. He loved dancing and clapping and watching everyone.
This boy is a dancing machine and apparently loves weddings. He shook his booty to every song and somehow knows how to break dance! He would jump up and run around and roll around on the ground and get up and tell me "Mommy, I was a roly poly!" He had a blast.

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