Friday, June 12, 2015

Happy Birthday Cooper!

Today is Cooper's 1st Birthday!
I've been trying to write this post for a week now but I just keep crying!
 I think I'm in denial. This has been the fastest year of my life and I just want it to slow down!
 It's just not possible that he is already ONE!
This straight haired, chubby baby has been the biggest joy.
I am so thankful that I got a second chance at having a baby. The first time around I was completely stressed and was learning as I went and maybe didn't enjoy it as much as I should have because I was afraid of failing at it.
But this time, knowing it was my last, I took it all in and just tried to love on him as much as I could. I cuddled him more because I just had one to hold in the middle of the night. I held him longer before bed and I didn't mind when he would wake up before everyone else because I loved our one on one time.
I feel like I have been more relaxed with him and I think that's because he has been such an easy going baby. It's like he knows how busy I am with the twins so he doesn't demand a lot of attention. He's just there with us doing whatever we're doing.
That's changing and he's starting to crave a little bit of attention.
He's figured out that if he makes us laugh then all eyes are on him, which he loves. If we laugh at something he does, he will laugh at himself and then do it over and over again to get us to keep laughing.

He loves his big brother and big sister.
And they are both so protective of him.
Connor always holds his hand in the car and is always asking if Cooper is going with us if we're loading up in the car to go somewhere. He also always reminds me not to forget Cooper (thanks bud, but I won't...).
He was so concerned that the waves at the beach were going to get Cooper and he is always afraid that Cooper is playing with something that he's too little for. He is the cautious child and sometimes I feel like he thinks he's the mommy!
He loves that Cooper wears his old clothes and shoes and likes for me to tell him when something Cooper has used to be his.

Chloe is usually the first one to go over and console Cooper if he's crying and I can't get to him yet. She tries to make him laugh or she pats him on the head and says "It's ok bubba, I'm right here."
She loves to hold his hand and walk with him. Her and I usually walk him down the hall to bed together every night.
She also loves to drive him around in her truck, which makes me nervous because she is a crazy driver! But she makes sure he is buckled up and sometimes puts her arm around him. She will turn her radio on for him because he likes to dance.
Cooper will dance anytime he hears music. He dances in the car, in restaurants, when his toys play music, when his walker plays music, or when we sing songs like "Patty Cake".
He is such a little monkey and will climb on everything. There is a baby gate blocking the stairs but everyday he attempts to get the gate open so he can climb the stairs.
He isn't walking on his own yet, but he has taken steps. The most he's taken in a row has been about 7. He will take one or two and then drop down to crawl because it's so much faster. But he loves to walk while holding our hands or with his push walker.
This boy has all of our hearts.
He was such an unexpected blessing that completed our family.
 We are now whole and I can't imagine our crazy life without him.
Happy Birthday Cooper Bennett!
(Coop Coop, Coopie, Boo Boo, Lil bubba, Lil Rascal)

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