Thursday, June 4, 2015

Vacation - Sunday

When I woke up on Sunday, I found Connor and Chloe in the living room of our condo looking out the window at the beach. The informed me that the sun was up and immediately started asking if we could go to the beach. We left Cooper and David in the condo and we walked down to the beach just to feel the sand. It was 7:00 am and we didn't even change out of our jammies.
We went back up to eat breakfast and to pack our beach bag and get ready. And Chloe, the girl that tells me that she doesn't know how to dress herself, found her swimsuit and had it on in about half a second. She was so excited.
It was really windy and the current or tide or whatever it is was really strong and made it almost impossible to stand in the water without getting knocked over. So after about an hour, the kids were ready to go to the pool.
Chloe has no fear and jumped right in. Connor is just a little more cautious but had fun swimming around with Chloe, David, and Cooper. Cooper enjoyed his floatie but kept trying to stick his face in and drink the water.

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