Friday, June 5, 2015

Vacation - Monday

Monday was windy and a little cold when we woke up so we decided to get dressed and head down to the boardwalk to walk around.
The Gulfarium is right next door to the boardwalk and since we were all dressed and it was still windy out, we decided to walk on over and check out the animals.
After the Gulfarium, we had lunch at a restaurant nearby.
After a short nap, we went into Destin to take a pirate ship cruise on the Buccanear!
It really was a great little adventure. The crew was in character the whole time. They told them about the captain and let them have a water gun fight.
They had face painting and sword fights.
They made all the boys scrub the decks.
We played instruments and danced around.
We even found some treasure in the ocean and they needed everyone's help in pulling it up.
This was a VERY long day and everyone was exhausted that night. But we got all of our adventures out of the way and had the whole rest of the week to relax and enjoy the beach and pool.

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