Monday, June 22, 2015

Family Pictures

We had family pictures done for Cooper's 1 year. These are a few of my favorites.
Getting family pictures made with three small children is hard! No one ever looks at the camera all at the same time and there is usually one that just refuses to participate. Connor was that child this time. He just was not having it. So I was thrilled when I got the pictures back and Carissa (who has done almost all of our family pictures) made all three look like perfect little angels. I love that she also includes the funny pictures. These made me laugh out loud when I saw them...
Chloe's face is priceless. She makes this face all the time and I think it's when she's being a little dramatic and wants someone to feel sorry for her. Doesn't she just look pitiful? Ha!
There is always a finger in a nose or in a mouth! Classic Dunaway kids!
Connor being crazy! I'm not sure what happened here.
It looks like I'm yelling in Cooper's ear! This would have been such a cute picture! But Cooper was trying with all of his might to get down and crawl into the street. He's 26 pounds and hard for me to fake control him and look at the camera!
But this is us. Not every picture is perfect, but I love them all!

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