Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Father's Day Weekend

We started our weekend with our first every family game night. We played a Paw Patrol board game.
Saturday morning, we got up and headed to the lake!
The boat didn't even leave the garage last year and I think it only made it out twice the year before, so I'm pretty sure the twins don't even remember ever riding in it.
They loved it. They told me "The lake is fun!"

Cooper did great too.  He didn't want to take a nap and miss anything but fell asleep as soon as we started riding.

Sunday morning, we got up and gave David his Father's Day gifts.
I put these pictures in a frame for him.
And the kids made him a foot print pot.
The big kids swam almost all day. They love swimming ever since we started our swimming lessons 2 weeks ago. They even swim under water now!
After dinner, the kids helped David plant a flower in his new flower pot.
Cooper was telling Daddy how to do it.
This big boy is walking all over the place now!
Then Cooper wandered over to visit Brutus.
He would open his mouth and stick out his tongue and pant like Brutus was. He thought it was hilarious.
Big brother is always taking care of him.

It was a great weekend filled with lots of family time. We're loving summer so far!

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