Sunday, August 8, 2010

Birthday Celebration Weekend

This was a weekend full of celebrating birthday's. First, it was David's turn. We met his family out at the lake for a day on the boat. We cooked out and then went out to swim, ride around, and ski.

Then I had to leave the lake to head to Sarah's house to take pictures for her son Jaxon's 2nd birthday. They had tons of family there and I just went around trying to get pictures of everything. Jaxon looked like he had the best time at his party and his mommy Sarah did such a good job. I'll post some pictures from the party after I get them edited and to Sarah.

But for now, I'll post the invitation Sarah made using my pictures from the splash pad photo session of Jaxon.

I'm so happy that everyone loved the pictures so much.

In fertility was my last day of taking the oral medication Femara and I'm really happy about that because I've had non-stop headaches the whole week on it. It starts about an hour after I take the medicine and it lasts all the way until I go to sleep. It's miserable!!! Tomorrow I start the injectable Follistim. I'm really comfortable with the shots and I'm ready because that means that I'm getting closer to my appointment on Thursday to find out how my follicles are doing!

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