Monday, August 30, 2010

The Result...

It's Positive!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yep, I can finally say that...
I'm Pregnant!!!!
I'm freaking out a little bit and I'm still in complete shock. It doesn't feel real at all right now. I'm so excited and I don't even know what to do first!
I got the call around 12:45 this afternoon and I decided to answer it because for some reason, I just knew. I knew, but at the same time I was trying to talk myself down from it because I didn't want to really get my hopes up and then get really upset if it was negative. So all morning my stomach was in knots and I felt like I was going to throw up from nerves.
So I answered the call and the nurse said "I just wanted to call and tell you Congratulations". It didn't even really hit me then...I was like "REALLY?!?!" She told me that my HCG is 103 which is good (I haven't even looked this up on the internet yet to find out what it all means), and they tested my progesterone again and it's still above 20, which is good.
I go back next Tuesday for another blood test to check the levels again and at that time they will schedule my first ultra sound for about 6 1/2 weeks. I'm 4 weeks along today so the ultra sound should be in about 2 1/2 weeks. I will keep going to the fertility clinic until they release me to go to my regular OB around 8 or 9 weeks. I am in the process now of searching for an OB.
So after I got the call, I left work to go tell David in person. He kept calling me but I didn't answer because I didn't want to spill the news before I got to him. I walked in his office and he was completely surprised to see me. I told him that I wanted to tell him in person that I was pregnant. I think he smiled bigger than I've ever seen him smile before. It was so weird to finally be able to say those words to him. I've pictured it so many times but it was nothing like I ever thought. I had a whole plan on how I was going to tell him. I was going to buy some kind of baby something and have him open it and he would figure it all out, but those plans went out the window because there was no way I was going to go to the store before I went to see him. I had to get to him asap!
I came home after that because there is no way I can work after this news! Are you kidding me?!?! I've been on the phone with friends and family ever since and the more I say it, the more it becomes real.
I got so many messages this morning from friends wishing me luck and letting me know they were thinking about me before I got the results. I never imagined that we would have this much support from people.
I want to thank EVERYONE that has followed along with us on this journey. No one can really understand how much it has all meant to us to know that we really weren't alone in all of this and that we had so many people routing for us. We appreciate it so much and we can't wait to share the next 9 months with you. I hope you don't get sick of hearing EVERY detail!


  1. I am over the moon for you guys. I am so excited to follow your next 9 months. Huge Congrats Tara. Love you girl:)

  2. I have never been so EXCITED for someone to get pregnant!! Your life has just changed forever! You are going to be the BEST mom! Congratulations with all my heart!

  3. Congratulations!! I promise, we want to hear EVERY detail!!

  4. Hi Tara! This is Chelsea's friend Darci, we haven't met, but I check your blog every once in awhile. I just wanted to say CONGRATS and that everything works out in good time and now is YOUR time!