Friday, April 4, 2014

Connor's new room

Last night Connor slept in his crib for the last time (hopefully...).
Tonight, he will sleep in his new bed in his new room for the first time. I'm not sure if he really understands what's happening or not, but we've been talking to him about his new room for a month now and finally showed him the finished room last weekend. He acted excited about all of the airplane stuff and his new big boy bed.  He also said that we could give his crib and old room to the baby.
I decided on airplanes because our neighborhood is connected to a small airport where people fly their little private planes in and out of.  Some of our neighbors even have airplanes and airplane hangers in their backyards.  And Connor can see all of the planes land and take off from his new window upstairs.  He also loves airplanes, along with fire trucks, tractors, dinosaurs, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, and big trucks.  So I had to narrow it down to something!  And I figured this room could grow with him instead of being a little boys room forever.
His bed is just the top part of a loft bed that someone gave us. I didn't feel comfortable with him climbing up a down a ladder right now or even falling off the top. He isn't ready for something like that. So we decided to just put the bed part on the floor for now and he can easily climb in and out. We sanded it and stained it dark. I even like this better than a normal twin bed that I would have to put bed rails on so he wouldn't roll off. He's kind of a crazy sleeper.
I found the dresser at a consignment store and we sanded it and painted it. Sherwin Williams carries paint that matches Pottery Barn bedding exactly!  So I had no problem picking out the perfect navy.
The bedding, curtains, and the big airplane on his wall are from Pottery Barn. Please ignore the wrinkled bedding. I washed it and I'm too tired to iron right now!
All of the stuff on the dresser is from Hobby Lobby.
I think he's going to do great. He is a great sleeper and usually goes to bed on his own with no problems except he might sit up or play with his blanket for an hour before he actually falls asleep. But he never cries to get out of bed or tries to climb out. That's one of the reasons we decided to move him to a big bed instead of Chloe. If Chloe could, she would get out of her bed every chance she got. She hasn't tried climbing out yet, but she will stand up and cry and say "I get up now!". Last night around 1:30, I heard her crying on the monitor and I went in there and she just wanted me to rock her. She said "Mommy rock you". Connor doesn't do this. He will usually sleep through the night unless he isn't feeling well or can't breathe if his nose is stopped up.

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