Friday, April 25, 2014

32 Weeks!

I'm 32 weeks today!
Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 32 Weeks
Size of baby: 16.2 inches long
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Gained 37 lbs (Compared to 44.8 pounds with the twins at this time).
Maternity Clothes: Yes, but even those are getting small and snug.
Gender: Surprise!
Movement: Lots of movement all the time. It keeps me up at night. And the kids get to feel it all the time.
Sleep: I've been sleeping good. I fall asleep as soon as I lay down because I'm so tired and I usually only wake up to pee or to make sure the kids are covered up. I don't know why I wake up so worried about that.
What I miss: Naps. I just want to sleep when I get home, but it's just not possible.
Cravings: I'm not sure if I'm craving it, but I'm eating a lot of peanut butter and ice cream, and even peanut butter ice cream!
Symptoms: Just a little bit of heartburn, my feet ache at night, and my belly is getting heavy.  I'm not swelling up like I did last night with a lot of fluid, but I can't wear my wedding ring anymore so I guess my fingers are just getting fat.  I'm still able to wear my normal shoes too, which I could not do at this point last time.
Best Moment this week: Putting the nursery back together. I think we would be ok as far as being organized if we had to bring the baby home tomorrow! We have also been trying to explain to the twins what's going to happen when mommy has the baby.  We tell them that Mommy and Daddy will go to the hospital and the doctor will get the baby out.  Then they will come see us all at the hospital and we will bring the baby home to live with us.  So now they talk about mommy going to the hospital all the time.
Time to compare pregnancies:

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