Thursday, May 1, 2014

Birthday Party fun!

This weekend, we all went to a birthday party for our friend Bobby. The kids are at the age now where they can fully participate in things like this instead of us all just going and sitting and watching the bigger kids play.
Chloe had been to another party at this same place a few months ago, so she was a pro and would just run off by herself, but Connor needed a little first.

I love how Chloe yells "Daaaddy!" as he's bouncing her.  That's what she does when she's thinks he's being silly.
  They were having so much fun playing that they didn't want to stop to go eat pizza and sweets!  But we made them.  Yes, we made them eat cake balls and cupcakes!  Aren't we just the meanest parents ever!
I think Connor looks like one of the big boys in this picture watching Bobby blow his candles out. Chloe is around the right side in the pink shorts.
Connor and Chloe love opening presents so it was our first time to have to explain to them that all of the presents were Bobby's because it was his birthday. Chloe kept saying "my turn!" or "my presents!" But they both forgot about it when we said they could go play some more.

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