Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day Weekend 2014

We started the weekend off with going to a local carnival on Friday night. It wasn't the greatest idea because the kids aren't quite tall enough to ride any of the rides. Connor was just the right height at 36 inches but Chloe is only 34 inches so she couldn't ride anything except this huge slide that David had to ride with them and the carousel. I couldn't let Connor ride the rides and not her!
Saturday morning, we got up and headed to the zoo! There's a new special exhibit of dinosaurs called Zoorassic Park that's only there for a short time and Connor is super into dinosaurs right now, so we thought it would be fun!
Well, they weren't as excited about it when we actually saw the dinosaurs and they moved and started to "ROAR!"
They wouldn't even get out of the wagon and for sure didn't want to take their picture next to them. Chloe teared up a few times and would say "I scared".
But they did relax a little when we saw a group of baby dinosaurs. They thought they were cute.
Connor telling us about the dinosaurs.
Their favorite dinosaur is the T-Rex. I don't know if it's just the easiest to recognize or the most common or what, but the whole time, Connor was looking for a T-Rex. And it was at the very end and it was the biggest. He was all about it...
Until it let out a giant "ROAR!!!" Then this happened...
He cried for a good 5 minutes even after we left the dinosaurs. But then would ask to go back and see them again the rest of the day. We never did because it was a one time walk through with a ticket.
Chloe loves looking at all of the animals but when she's close to them and they get up and start to move around, she gets freaked out and scared.
Their favorite part of the zoo is always riding the train and the carousel.
We took a nap after the zoo and then played outside in the backyard and even ate our dinner out there while the kids played.
They love playing in the back yard and were even playing really good with each other. They talk to each other more and more now.
  Connor would say "Chloe ride in back?", which means he was asking her if she wanted to ride in the back of his truck while he drove around the porch. He usually doesn't let her do this so it was really sweet. She replied with "yeah, ok" and Connor said "Let's go".
Then she would ask him "Go play that?" and point to the swing set and he said "ok" and she said "Let's go Connor". It was really cute.
She follows him everywhere and plays whatever he plays and every once in a while she will come back and sit in my lap and tell me about what they have been doing and then she is off to find her "brodder".
Sunday, David went and got us all donuts and we ate breakfast out on the back porch and then the kids played some more before we had to get ready to go to lunch at David's parents' house.
Chloe said "take my picture" and climbed up on her 4-wheeler.
And then of course Connor wanted me to take his picture.
We came back, Chloe had no nap but Connor and David did, played some more, then went out to eat with my mom.
Even though I feel huge, and it was so hot, I really wanted to be in some pictures with the kids for Mother's Day.

They are the whole reason I am a mother. I'm so lucky that I get to hug them and kiss them any time I want and I get to watch them grow and become little people.
I get to see them interact with each other and become closer and closer friends each day. I get to catch them holding hands in the back seat of the car and laughing so hard at each other for things they only understand.
  I get to hear them tell me about their days at school and who they played with and listen to how smart they are when they tell me about rockets going into space and counting to 13.
I'm willing to listen to every Frozen song a million times just to hear them sing the words in their sweet little voices on our way home from school.
I get to kiss their boo boos and read their stories to them and rock them and sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" every night before bed.
They are my biggest fans even when I don't know what the heck I'm doing and even when I loose my patience with them.
  The best feeling in the world is when they look at me and say "I love you momma" or when Chloe nuzzles her head into my chest and says "My momma".
David also is a huge part of my Mother's Day. He helped make me a momma after all and he tries so hard to make the whole weekend special for me and I appreciate that so much.

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