Thursday, May 22, 2014

Big Day

We had a big day yesterday with lots of important things going on.
  First up, we had our 36 week doctor's appointment with a new growth scan to check the baby's growth.
I was so nervous because if it went down again, there was a possibility of having the C-section earlier than planned.
But all of those nerves when away when the ultrasound tech told us that the baby weighs about 6 pounds 7 ounces now and is 68th percentile! That's a huge jump from the 18th percentile just 3 weeks ago. It had a BIG growth spurt. She measured everything 3 times to get a good average and came back with the same results each time. The baby as a whole is measuring at around 37 weeks 2 days! And I was only 35 weeks 6 days at the appointment.
This is a picture of the cheeks.  The cheek is right in the middle and the eyes are on the right.
The nose and lips.
It has chubby cheeks and big lips and lots of hair!
All of those features sound a lot like what Connor was like in all of the twins' ultrasounds and I'm still guessing this is a boy. I used to kind of think girl because it was so small, but now with the big growth spurt, chubbiness, full lips, and hair are making me think I'm going to have a little Connor.  We even felt like we had to sit down and really go over our boy names because I'm so sure of it.
 But who knows. My doctor keeps telling me that every kid is different so you never know.
Later in the day, we had our storm shelter installed!
We originally planned to do this over a year ago but when they came out to install it they hit a lot of rock and couldn't dig down far enough. But they recently got something to break through the rock, so that's what they did.
We have solid bedrock under our entire lot so it's hard to bury or install anything, even our fence. But it's done (we just always have to pay extra to do it because of the rock), and I feel so much better about this storm season.
Then it was dinner time and bath time where Connor pooped in my hand!
We have a new night time routine now. The kids love reading books and love being read to. So every night after bath, we head to Chloe's room where the kids pick out a book (it's usually the same 2 books every night) and they have me read through it one time and then they read it by themselves. Then when one is finished they say "the end" and then want me to rock them, in the baby's room, in their old rocker and we sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" one time and then they tell me it's time for bed. I'm not sure how this is going to work out when there is a baby in there, but that's what we do for now.
Well, last night, I finished reading and Connor wanted to go rock and Chloe told me "I stay here and read". So after I rocked Connor, I found her like this on the bed, with her little feet crossed, reading about dinosaurs.


  1. I'm so glad everything was okay! I've been thinking of you!