Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Touch the Truck

I had heard about these events in other towns so when one was coming to ours, I knew we had to go! It's called "Touch the Truck" and the ones I had seen were more construction vehicles, but I knew Connor would love it anyway. He loves any kind of truck, tractor, school bus, fire truck, police car, etc.
Basically, it's a bunch of trucks all parked together and the kids get to climb inside and check it out.
Chloe wasn't too excited about it. I think she was actually kind of scared of all of the big trucks. She clung to me the whole time and didn't want to sit in anything, until she saw a pink truck! It was a pink cement truck! She ran right over so I could take her picture in front of it.
After watching Connor climb up in a few trucks, she started wanting to do it too. And yes, she insisted on the necklace and sunglasses for our short little outing.  They both love their sunglasses.
The fire truck was a favorite of course.
They loved honking the horn on this thing.
Connor insisted on sitting in everything...
They LOVE school buses and still talk about the school bus shuttle we rode to the Egg Drop on Easter. So of course we had to get on the school bus!
Connor probably could have stayed all day.

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