Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Spring School Pictures 2014

Again, it's so cheesy, but that's what school pictures are all about! But I love this picture because of how sweet they look together! Connor's hair is a mess, but I'm looking past that and right at his sweet little hand on Chloe's leg.
This is so Connor. I can tell it took him a while to look at the camera and smile. He always puts his head down and looks up when he is around people he doesn't know.
And this is so Chloe. She was BORN ready for these pictures! HA! She really did practice her smile in the mirror that morning so I know she was ready when they told her to say cheese or whatever they do. The teacher even told me that she was a pro and she was ready to go when it was her turn. Now if she would only sit still let me take her picture all the time!
Here are all of there school pictures together so far. They have changed so much from this time last year!


  1. Question, as a mom with twins the same age, HOW DO YOU GET THEM TO STAND STILL!? I'm lucky if I let a picture of half their face as they run by me.

  2. Melissa, I don't! These were school pictures and I have no idea how they do it! A lot of the time I have to do selfies with them so they sit still because they like to see themselves.